Monday, 31 March 2014

What's super about Weston-Super-Mare?


A road trip to Weston!

Today I decided to take a trip back to my childhood and visit a place which holds many fond memories- to Weston-Super-Mare. Those of you who are not familiar with this small seaside town, it holds T4 on the Beach each year and is famous for its "Grand Pier" (which tragically burnt down a long time ago.) Having said that a new and I guess improved pier now stands in its place, which to me, doesn't seem any different and still occupies the fun house and the haunted ghost train, bloody fantastic! (I know I'm a big kid at heart!)
So the day started as every Monday usually does, carrying a slightly heavy head and an iPhone displaying number generator. We chose a number from 1-4, one being North, 2 East (you get the idea.) To my amusement we got number four which meant we had to travel West on our random road trip jaunt. After a short while we hit Weston, a destination I  wanted to visit and we parked up to re-live the vivid memories.
First things first we found a small restaurant and ordered the biggest meal on the menu, which happened to be a chicken melt smothered in bacon and cheddar (diet resumes again tomorrow *winks*)  
So with full up bellies we headed to the Aquarium...
And then to the place I've been so exciting for, The Grand Pier! Just as I remembered, a long wooden walkway lined with ice cream parlours and candy floss stalls echoing the sounds of Rod Stewart through the tinny speakers. Eventually we enter the amusement arcade and Maggie May is drowned out with screaming kids and penny slot machines. Armed with pennies we attacked the ten pence machines and rewarded with a string of printed tickets!
After an hour or so among the madness we decided to call it a day and headed back to the car. All in all a great way to spend my Monday off, although I didn't get to go on the donkey rides on the beach or persuade Mike to come on the ghost train with me, I still had a great time and Weston is still as fun as I remember even if I am slightly too big to go on any of the rides, it doesn't matter too much, I still got to blow Noel Edmonds a kiss!
Do you have any childhood places where you remember visiting?
Thanks for reading-xx

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