Friday, 28 March 2014

The Spring Tag

As spring is well under way I thought there is no better time than now to do The Spring Tag!

Favourite spring nail polish?
For me, nail varnishes need to be bright and fun for spring time, the first two polishes I've chosen are the Barry M Textured Effects duo in Ridley Road & Sour Apple. Ridley Road is a vibrant mint colour that dries to textured matte finish which is the perfect base for Sour Apple. Sour Apple is a similar colour but contain tiny-winy sprinkles of confetti that looks perfect painted over top. I cheated a little bit and cheekily added in a second varnish- the polish is from Accessorize and although I don't usually purchase any of their cosmetic products I was however completely drawn in with this colour as it just reminds me of a shell of a chocolate mini egg! Very cute!   

What's your must have spring lip colour?
When it comes to lips I like to keep it natural and sheer for spring. I love peachy pinks and colours that resemble a- your lips but better- look so I've picked Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting. A light sheer shade that feels soft and moisturising on the lips.
Show us your favourite spring dress
I have had this dress for well over 2 years now and I still wear it a lot. I picked it up from River Island in the sales and wear it whenever its warm enough to. Apart from the dress being black I feel the coloured detailing adds a pop of colour and warn with some colourful sandals its a great go-to casual spring dress that's very well loved!
What's your favourite flower?
I love flowers and try to buy them regularly throughout the year. At the moment I have lots of pink and yellow tulips that sit pretty on my kitchen table with lots of foliage surrounding them, but when I do think of spring I think of newly blossoming daffodils which indicate the arrival of spring time.
Favourite spring scarf/accessory?
The moment the sun comes out so do my sunnies and being a sufferer of very sensitive eyes a pair of sunglasses are always an essential accessory for me. Each year I always pick up a pair of aviator-style sunglasses from H&M, they are cheap and cheerful and the only glasses I manage to find that fit well and suit me.
What spring trends are you most excited about this year?
I look forward to a lot of trends in the spring, to wearing light-pastel shades to fresh dewing looking makeup but I think if I had to choose one particular trend it would have to be playsuits! I love a good playsuit and last year I managed to accumulate quite a collection. I just think they are flattering, versatile and come in such pretty designs and cuts. Above I've popped a pic of me wearing one of my favourites which I got from Miss Selfridge around a year ago.
Favourite spring candle?
 I light candles all year round and I won't lie I may have a slight obsession with Yankee Candles! My preferred preference for a spring time scent is something floral and fresh. Over the past couple of weeks I've been burning Dipyque Rosamundi which was released as a limited edition candle for Valentines day, however Rosamundi smells similar to Diptyque's Roses which is just beautiful and smells like you literally have a hundred fresh red roses lining your house-bliss!
Favourite body spray/perfume for spring? I am loving Escentric Molecules 01 perfume at the moment although the scent is apparently undetectable and enhances your natural pheromones produced by your body- whenever I wear it I always catch whiffs of something sweet like Parma Violets- as if I'm not sweet enough!
What's spring like where you live? So I live in Wiltshire in England and the weather is never predictable. Spring can have it good days but the majority of the time "April showers" stays very true to its name. You're never too sure what the weather can turn like so its always best to be prepared and pack your brolly & sunnies in the same bag!
Favourite thing about spring? Having said its an unpredictable season you are occasionally treated to some sunny spells. Other than that seeing a pretty colourful display of blossoming flowers everywhere is enough to bring a smile to any ones face, oh and the copious consumption of chocolate at Easter is always fun as well.
Are you a spring cleaner?
I clean no matter what the season- unfortunately I live with a messy smelly boy so I have no choice in the matter!
Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations? In England we don't really have spring breaks but one week in April me and Michael are off together so we are hoping on jamming the seven days with lots of fun and exciting things- so stay tuned!

That's the end of The Spring Tag! I really enjoyed doing this tag, I hoped you enjoyed reading it and please let me know what your answers to these questions are! Thanks for reading- xx


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