Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bedside Beauties

My Bedside Table Essentials...

Today I've decided to show you all a few of my favourite beauty essentials that sit pride of place on my bedside table so they are close to hand for whenever I need them morning and night!
There's a tough criteria when it comes to selecting a few products which will have my full attention first thing in the morning and last thing at night, each of these goodies have proven the test of time and have made themselves worthy of only being at arm length away!
Having said that I am prone to switching these products up a bit and trying out new things, but for this moment in time its safe to say these guys are sitting very comfortably!

The Moisturisers  

Now I love to moisturise and for me there's three products that do the job.
First up we have Soap&Glory Butter Yourself  Moister Lotion, this is currently my go to evening lotion. The scent is a much more mature fragrance then their signature girly scent, very subtle on the skin and has great lasting power, in fact when I apply this after my evening bath and go to sleep the following morning I can always guarantee catching a whiff of the slightly musky tone while sipping my breakfast tea.
The huge 500ml bottle, which comes with a pump may I add, very convenient, is part of the "Fruitigo" range and is infused with orange oil and green fig that leaves me smelling fresh all night long!
The next culprit is Soap&Glory Righteous Butter- this one is much more feminine and girly scented, perfect for the daytime. This time, packaged in a tub the thick whipped cream which is formulated for dry skin, leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Smelling very differently to the latter this lotion is more perfumed and slightly stronger bursting with the Soap&Glory's original scent. (We all know the one.)
So finally we come to the "emergency moisturiser" as I like to call it, the go to in-a-rush lotion that's super fast drying but still very effective (yes there really is such a thing!) Behold the god send to all lazy body care fans, Vaseline - Spray & Go Body Moisturiser. This really is genius in a bottle, everything from the easy continuous spray, to the non-greasy formulation, it dries in seconds and perfect if you need sprucing up quickly before rushing out or even if you're having one of those days where you have more important things to be getting on with other than sitting like a manikin waiting for your moisturiser to dry.

Hand & Foot Creams

Moving on I have two hand lotions that I use regularly, one is my daytime hand cream and the other is one that I apply just before bedtime. The daytime cream is Soap&Glory Hand Food (can you notice a recurring trend yet?) This hand cream is lovely, smells delicious and is non-greasy so its perfect to quickly apply throughout the day. Costing only £5.00 this product is a bargain and you can even buy the travel size as well, to fit even more comfortably in your bag!
For evenings I like something slightly heavier, that will work into my hands as an overnight treatment, and for this I've chosen Burt's Bees Beeswax&Banana Hand Cream. This cream comes in the cutest glass jar which looks really nice displayed on my bedside table and smells like banana milkshake- always a plus! Obviously not idea for on the go and because of the packaging it does tend to get a bit messy, but nevertheless ideal for use just before bed.
I suffer from very dry hands, especially after showering so this product is great as its really thick and leaves a slight residue that I tend to leave to soak in over night. I personally wouldn't recommend this if your hands are already in tip-top condition as it may leave them greasy, but for me the formulae is what my hands need after a long day!
I've personally always taken care of my feet, being on them for hours on end at work- they do need some TLC and whenever I have time to spare a good smothering with some scrubs and a good polish up is always needed. Usually I tend to go for the typical peppermint foot lotions, and Lush Fairtrade Foot Lotion is one of my favourites, but at the moment I'm loving Burts Bees Coconut Foot Cream.
I received a tester of this product in a gift set at Christmas and enjoyed it so much I decided to re-purchase it the moment I ran out. What I like best about this cream is the texture- its nothing like what I've experienced with any foot product before. Its got a very thick gloopy feel that coats the feet when applied, I like to put this on any problem areas or if I feel they really need it, all over and then put my big comfy bed socks on and let the cream do its work while I sleep. When I awake the results are always the same- super soft (like baby soft) and smelling strongly of coconuts, makes a refreshing change from peppermint! If you can get the hang of the odd formulae and learn to apply as little as possible (as a lot goes a long way) then this is defiantly a spring essential!

Finally the Face

When it comes to skincare a good night time moisturiser is key. I keep all my skincare products either in my dressing room or in my bathroom (cleansers, face masks and hot cloth treatments) but I do like to have a tub of Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins close by. The main reason is I like to take my sweet sweet time massaging in the cream, sit back and relax in bed and enjoy all the goodness it gives! The "High Potency" cream works as a renewal moisturiser and is ideal to use at night to deeply hydrate, keep care of any dry patches and ensure skin looks bright and awake by morning.
Finally we have Lush Lip Scrub, in bubble gum (of course), if you haven't tried a lip scrub before, you really are missing out. The sugar base treat is applied to rough, chapped/dried lips, for a sweet bubble gum flavoured exfoliate. After you've applied it you can either lick it off (being made of sugar and Jojoba Oil) or dab it off with water, I choose the first option! Your lips are left smooth and soft and perfectly primed for a good date with a lip balm.
When it comes to lip balm I have lots of favourites, all dotted about in various location, to my locker at work, my hand bag, my coat pocket and even in my car, a few top ones I love are Nuxe Reve de Miel and  Elizabeth Ardens Eight Hour Cream! So there we have it- an insight into my bedside essentials! Do you have any essential products you keep close? Or do could you recommend anything for me to try?
Thanks for reading!-xx

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