Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March Favourites

My Favourite picks of March

Today I'm going to share with you the products I've been loving this month! There is quite a mix of beauty and non-beauty related products so lets begin...


This month has been about investing a bit of spring inspiration into my makeup bag! Out with the matte, high coverage products and in with the sheer, dewy, light essentials. To achieve this look, I've found the perfect illuminating serum that instantly gives my skin a great dewy finish!
Soap & Glory- Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw-Softening Illuminator, this serum gives my skin the waking up it needs after a long cold winter and injects an instant glow without looking too shinny or greasy. I've been cheekily mixing a few drops of the serum into my foundation and applying it using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush,, however this product has multiple uses and can also be used as a primer, before you apply foundation or as a liquid highlighter, a very useful product to have in your kit!
Benefit- Speed Brow, my eyebrows unfortunately have a life of their own, so when I purchased this quick fix brow gel it made my life instantly easier! I've been using this product on days where I'm either in a rush or need my brows to be trusted to stay put for a long time, it saves me the hassle of carefully applying powder when I can just comb them through with the slightly tinted gel for a quick application which helps re-define and make my brows look a little tamer!
Bourjois- Bronzing Primer (base lissante soleil) - This little number has been in my makeup bag for a very long time and has been my go-to bronzer whenever the sun decides to show its face (so not very often!) However, I've been reaching for this more recently and have re-discovered my love for it!
Its a bit of an unlikely pairing as I'm usually not the sort to experiment with a bronzer of such an unusual texture and that appears very pigmented, mainly because I have quite pale skin, however this product is very easy to apply once you know how.  The bronzer has a moose-type texture that appears to be very similar to Chanel- Soieil Tan De Chanel, personally I like to apply this as a bronzer as opposed to a primer or a contour and to do this I use my Mac 134 Powder brush to achieve an all over sun kissed look.

Moving on to hair products and this month I've chosen two favourites which I have been enjoying using.
Bumble and bumble- Thickening Hairspray this product has been my go-to hair product of the month, I'm always after something that gives my hair volume and texture and this thickening hairspray does just that! I've been applying this spray to my hair when its damp and been spritzing it in at the roots before blow-drying. After blow-drying my hair looks fuller, thicker and has gained more texture, the results for me are always long lasting  as it is a hairspray as well so it holds the product in at the roots- perfect!
The last hair care product I've chosen is,
Build up Removal Expert Shampoo, Boots This is an old favourite of mine, one of which I keep re-purchasing time and time again. I decided to include this one as I don't feel it gets enough recognition. This product comes from the Boots Expert range which consists of specialised shampoos, conditioners and treatments at an affordable cost. This product in particular I feel is one of my favourite deep cleansing hair care treatments, its designed to remove impurities and build up of products from your hair and scalp and contains detoxifying properties which leaves my hair feeling thoroughly clean and fresh! I use this shampoo around once a week and find it really effective, its great to keep in your stocks as its cheap as well. I may do a blog post on the other products from the Expert range- let me know if you think its a good idea?

So only one favourite this month and one that truly deserves a crown. Now I know that the
Emma Hardie- Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm has enough praise but I have just enjoyed every minute of using this since the day I bought it. For me, this is the perfect cleansing balm, it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth with visually clear results. I find it great for removing makeup especially around my eyes, which is a very sensitive area for me and a little really does go a long way, which is relieving as it does come with a hefty price tag.

Non-beauty Favourites Now on to the more random side of things and one mention has to go to Mini Eggs! Oh yes, they are back! Mini Eggs only make an appearance once a year, so when they do you might as well make the most of the chocolatly- sugar coated eggs of joy! I've stocked up and have probably consumed enough to last me well into next year! Ah well its Easter soon, no better excuse than that!
My next random pick goes to my little black bargain boots I recently picked up from New Look. Its not often I go shopping for shoes as I'm very loyal to the ones I have but whilst I was browsing in New Look the other day I stumbled across some lovely Chelsea inspired boots. They are ankle boots with small tassel detailing the zip with a chunky heel. Perfect boots for any season and are so comfortable, but what's best about them is that they were reduced from £27.99 to a fiver! I kid you not, with a bargain like that, I love them even more! ( I couldn't find a link to my exact bargain boots, but I did find another very similar pair with an impressive price tag-
#100happydays This is a little project I've been doing over on Instagram for the past couple of days. I've seen this hash tag pop up occasionally on my feeds and thought I would join in. The aim of the game is to take a photo (preferably everyday) of something that has made you happy. I thought this was a great idea to encourage positivity and to make an extra effort to look for positive, funny and the good things in life which sometimes we all oversee. I'll link below my Instagram so you can see all the little things that have made my day over the past month, and maybe give it ago yourself!?
CTFXC the last favourite comes in the form of a YouTube channel, one of which I have been watching for a long time. This channel belongs to Ali & Charles Trippy and they have been vlogging consecutively for five years, and their content is still as fresh and as enjoyable as ever. They are two really likeable charactors who document their journey through high points and low points in their lives, I think people can learn a lot watching their channel as they are both strong and positive people who appreciates each other and support each other, I've linked their channel below so you can go check them out!
That is all my faves for the month of March,
Thanks for reading & feel free to comment below your favourites!

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