Friday, 2 May 2014

I Think I'm in Love with Kevyn!

Its love at first application...

A few days ago I mentioned the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in my monthly favourites, today I'm writing a post explaining why!
So usually when I purchase a newbie I like to do a first impressions-type-post, where I explain the pro's and con's of said product then give a verdict, for me this is just how my little mind works when deciding on something new, however this post is slightly different as... well... if I'm honest I just cant FOR THE LIFE OF ME think of any con's- so my verdict on this one is LOVE!
OK let's be sensible and start from the beginning.... So Kevyn Aucoin isn't an easily accessible make-up brand, I picked mine up from Harvey Nichols in the Spacenk counter, but I do believe Cult Beauty also stocks the collection. I was intrigued to buy this as I have seen it do wonders in make-up tutorials and heard lots of hype (and I'm a sucker for hyped up products) but, having done my research I can't say I've heard anything negative about this at all, which spurred me on even more to pick this little tub up!
The Product: this product has a multi-tasking formulae you can use it as a spot concealer, a highlighter, a foundation or mixed in with some moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser effect. I tend to mess around with it and depending on my mood use it several different ways but mainly under my eyes to conceal and highlight or all over to give a flawless coverage. Weighing in at a teeny 18g and retailing at an eye watering £38.00 (loosens collar) this little tub really does pack a punch though and if the size and price ratio puts you off please don't be fooled and believe when I say a little does go a LONG LONG way! I've heard from many people who use this that the longevity of this product will on average last you around 1 1/2- 2 years and once you apply this formulae you can really see why. 
Application: you can either apply this product by using your finger or a brush. I tend to apply with my finger then blend in using a brush however which ever way does the job and because the texture of this is quite creamy it doesn't take much to buff in. As a concealer the SSE ( we will call it this for short) is great. Its very highlighting and gives a full coverage so hiding those pesky blemishes- but at the same time doesn't cake or appear too heavy.  When I apply this I only pop the tiniest amount on and I cant stress enough how little you need, it just blends out and before you know it you've covered your whole face so I can see this lasting forever! 
The Finish: so if you haven't realised already I can't praise this enough, it literally enhances your skin. It gives a beautiful flawless finish that looks air brushed but some what natural as the highlighting element gives your skin that gorgeous glow as if your "glowing within". Its very creamy and easy to blend, it is high coverage so it blurs out imperfection like a Photoshop tool,  however you can add moisturiser to tone it down and its very versatile. I personally find that it produces like a Kim Kardashian esque look when applied under the eyes, super brightening and fresh looking. Overall I'm so in love- I'm so impressed and its easily one of my favourite make-up items, WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Thanks for reading-xx

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