Sunday, 4 May 2014

#100happydays- (part 2)

Here's another installant of my 100 days of happiness!
For those who are not aware I am currently doing the one happy days hash tag over on Instagram. I personally like to look at it as a little project and its basically where I photograph something that has made me smile and happy over the course of a hundred days. I'm really enjoying doing this and find myself noticing and appreciating little things throughout my day that I can add to my gallery. I have already done a previous blogpost on the past 20 days which I'll put here for you to catch up with and now here are another twenty images of things that have made me smile :)

Day 21- This image shows me and one of my best friends who is currently studying her little butt off at Uni, so on the rare occasion she returns home for a few days we like nothing more than a big catch up.
Day 22- The return of Game of Thrones! Oh boy have I've missed this! Game of Thrones is one of very few TV shows me and Mike watch together and its something we look forward to every week.
Day 23- Every single day without fail, rain or shine, morning or night, this straggly old snotty puss pot sits on the wall, no matter what and every time I pass it he just makes me smile! Not a care in the world, I wish I was a cat! *sighs*
Day 24- So a lot of these item where mentioned in my April Favourites I love getting new food products to try as I am literally the least fussiest eater in the world- no joke I'll consume pretty much anything (within reason) and I have to say the Toffee Fudge and Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns were the perfect Easter Treat.
Day 25- This was a beautiful, hot sunny day and one of the perks of living in Wiltshire is that you can always go on lovely scenic walks through the countryside and after having a scrumptious lunch in a country pub we headed off for a walk to take advantage of the nice weather.
Day 26- Another Game of Thrones moment, for those of you who watch it can you guess what I'm reacting too?
Day 27- This is Tealc, how Tealc came about is a story for another time, but for now he's being held by his scruff, something which he loves, (I promise its not cruel)
Day 28-  Because I'm very cool me and Sarah enjoy a good ol' bingo sesh, here's Sarah looking a bit unimpressed with the first round...
Day 29- It looked as if bingo paid off in the end though!
Day 30-  Bank Holiday weekend, and me and Mike took a trip down to Oxford to see some friends and enjoy the extra day off (even if we were feeling worse for wear!)
Day 31- This picture was the outcome of a shopping trip with my mum! I only went in to by a duvet cover!
Day 32- With a couple of days off myself and Michael decided to take a trip to Birmingham and visit the famous Bullring shopping centre, its safe to say my winnings came to good use!
Day 33- So with luck on my cards I thought I would drag poor Mike along to see if it was my lucky week- turns out it wasn't as such, nevertheless still had fun watching Mike struggle to keep up!
Day 34- All hail - Luminous Silk Foundation! Click here to see my first impressions blog post on this.
Day 35- My mum got me this beautiful hand made tissue box which stores all my skincare cotton pads, this made me happy as it was original and looks so pretty and comes in good use!
Day 36-  Hitting 50 followers! This is very exciting for me- thank you!
Day 37- "Snuggle pups" is the name we call the time of night where we chill out and catch up with our favourite You Tubers- the best time.
Day 38- My monthly subscription to NME arrived in the post today and this was the cover... Do I need to really explain why this made me very very happy?!?
Day 39- Ah! The weekly shop complete! Am I the only one who gets excited by seeing my fridge as full as this? Needless to say it doesn't last long!
Day 40- And to the present day- this snap was taken today at my mum & dads house. Every Sunday I always try to nip up there and see them, even though I speak to my mum AT LEAST 2 times a day sometimes I don't get time to see them as much as I would like, so this is me and my dad and without fail he always makes me happy, he is one of the best people I have in my life and it doesn't matter how I'm feeling when he's around I cant help but smile!

We are now on to 40 days and counting, keep an eye out for the next 20 pictures and if you like add me on Instagram to follow me there- the link is at the top of my page.
What makes you happy? As little or as big as it may be let me know!
Thanks for reading-xx

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