Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Homemade May Series...

So its been a little while since my last post, I've been having one of those weeks where I feel really busy doing nothing! Do you ever get those days where you just haven't stopped but have achieved very little? And cant quite figure out why you feel so drained and exhausted?! Well that's how I'm feeling! And unfortunately I haven't had the time/energy to whack out any posts but I do however think that having a few days rest is key, and has welcomed me to think of some new inspiration and interesting material to talk to about...

Its funny to think that this time last year I was even busier, preparing to move out of my parents house and move into somewhere new with my boyfriend. I remember feeling so enthusiastic and exciting but at the same time completely clueless! ( nothings changed there then!) I really enjoyed the moving out process- I like to think I'm quite an organised person so I loved all the list making and packing things in boxes and putting things all in their little places. I just remember the endless stacks of cardboard boxes (which seemed like gold at the time) , the circled scribbled on pages of the Argos catalogue, the nights of calculating and budgeting and pressing refresh over and over again of the Right-Move website.
They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do, I don't know whether because it was the first time I've moved but I enjoyed every minute, the area where my personality let me down however was the timing, I just wanted things to get sorted and to get decorating and having everything done in a day- now however, I've learnt to embrace the waiting game and learning that not everything get done all at once, taking my time saving up and looking forward to buying a new piece of furniture or creating my own little space piece by piece.
A year on and its still a working progress, however the house has most defiantly become a home and although there's rooms that are not quite finished ( the spare room) its something to work toward to and its such a warming feeling when you have everything looking just how you imagined it...(or near enough)
So why does this reflection have anything to do with blog posts or lack of? Well whilst paying my eye - watering annual electric bill I thought why not celebrate the fact that I've successfully proved I can live on my own (and with Michael of course, which is a challenge in itself) and survive for one whole year! Still doesn't stop me from phoning my mum AT LEAST twice a day but maybe I wasn't as clueless as I once thought!
So I've decided to collect together a string of posts which are influenced by all things homely and inspired by all the things I've learnt and enjoyed whilst attempting to be a responsible adult! I've called this my "Homemade May Series" and although I haven't quite planned out exactly what these posts will include, I can say the I'm really exciting about sharing them with you!
So keep your eyes peeled!
Thanks for reading-xx

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