Monday, 26 May 2014

Homemade May Series: Homemade Soaps!

Come make soaps with me! 

Hello Everyone so today I am going to continue with my "Homemade May Series" and show you all how I like to make my home-made soaps!
I really enjoy making soaps and like making them for myself or for friends and family and the way I make them is really quick, easy to follow and very simple. I am not in any way a professional soap maker! This is just something I enjoy doing in my spare time and my method is just the way that I've learnt so, I thought I would show you guys today so you can give it a go yourselves!
What you will need...

A lot of these items are available from shops that specialise in arts & crafts- I've purchased the majority of the products that I'm using today from Hobbycraft- so I will pop a link next to anything I've mentioned!
1. A Clear Soap Base- these soap bases come in huge blocks which you will need to cut up and melt. The method I like to use is the "Melt & Pour" method which is very much self-explanatory and involves heating up the soap base and pouring it into moulds. The soap bases can come in different colours and scents but I like to just use the clear standards bases so I can add my own touches!

2. Pipettes- you are going to need some form of measuring equipment to use to measure out your ingredients to add your base.
3. Fragrances- you can add any scent you like to your soaps, Hobbycraft offer a huge range of scents from floral to fruity so pick which ever takes your fancy to make your soap perfect for you.

4. Colour- adding colour to the mix can transform the appearance significantly- I've chosen a red and blue colour supplement to add to my mix.

5. Moulds- once the mix is ready you will need to pour the liquid into a mould- I prefer to you use the silicone moulds as they are easy to push the soap out once chilled, there are lots of cute shapes to choose from, I have lots, some festive, some like little cupcake cases and others that are the shape of roses.

6. X2 Saucepans and access to a Hob-  you will need two saucepans, one which fits inside the other to melt your compound in.
Hints & Tips- you can enhance your soaps appearance and purpose by adding in some natural
ingredients- this section is completely up to you but sometimes I quite like to add in some natural oils to satisfy dry skin or even some dried petals or clean fine sand and ground rice to make you soaps into body scrubs!

Method...  there are two ways to melt your soap base the first way is over the hob, and the second is in the microwave. I personally prefer to use the hob method as I feel I have more control when melting the soap compound and especially adding in the components - however the microwave method doesn't involve direct heat and is A LOT safer!
1. Melting the Soap Compound- get both saucepans out- one of which is slightly smaller and fits into the other. The smaller saucepan is going to be used to melt the soap base in- never melt the compound over direct heat! Fill the base saucepan with water (approx 2 pints) and heat over the hob- don't exceed over 75degrees or allow the water to boil over into the second pan.
- Fit the second saucepan inside of the other (which is filled with hot water) and cut off a chunk of the soap compound, place the cut pieces into the smaller pan.
- Stirring occasionally until the pieces are melted then remove directly off the heat. 

2. Adding Fragrance/Colour and Natural Ingredients - this is the fun part! Once the soap has melted this is the perfect time to start adding in any ingredients to enhance your soaps appearance and scent. (I'm going to make mine rose scented to match my rose-shaped moulds) add a few drops of fragrance and any colour supplement you have- you will only  need 2-3 drops of each, a little goes a long way. (I've opted for red colouring)
At this point you can mix in any other ingredients you may have such as dried petals or oils etc.
3. Using the Moulds- next you are going to need to pour the mix into the moulds.
- Gently pour the liquid into each mould just below the brim.
- Leave to cool for 30 minutes and place into the fridge ensuring to cover with cling film to avoid contamination with food.

4. Removing Soaps from the Moulds- using the work surface, place the mould upside down and give them a sharp tap to loosen the soaps.
5. Added Ideas - if your soaps turn out well- why not make your soaps into little gifts and place them into pretty decorative jars, baskets or bags?

Here's how mine turned out!

Thanks for reading-xx

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