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May Favourites

My Favourite picks of May 
Hi everyone, welcome back to my page, today is another favourites post where I share with you the bits and bobs I have been loving this month! May for me has been a bit of a tight one regarding money, we had to pay out our annual electric bill at the start of the month - which you can imagine wasn't pretty so I've been needing to be good and save my pennies! That means no splurging, which has been tricky, however I have been enjoying getting back into some old favourites and re-discovering the more basic products I have. So the majority of this months favourites are more inexpensive and that you can easily pick up for less than a tenner- nevertheless they are still really great products that I would strongly recommend!
Anyway enough of the chit-chat and lets get started! 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Starry-Eyed,
I picked up this lipstick a few days ago as I had a 1920's party to go to at the weekend and I needed a vampy dark red colour for the occasion. Usually I would steer well away from any dark/bright shades as I'm not very experimental when it comes to lip colours, but this shade really stood out for me. It is absolutely beautiful, its like a very deep dark plum colour with purple undertones, and fitted the brief perfectly for the whole 1920's look as that is exactly what shade I was looking for. I was also really impressed with the texture and lasting power, I know the range states that its long lasing but when you are parting and eating and drinking you never really know how its going to hold up, but I was very impressed as I didn't need to top up at all throughout the whole night. The texture was really creamy and wasn't drying , so yeah, very impressed! And I am now looking forward to trying out a couple more from this range! 

Topshop Highlight Glow in Polished, the next beauty favourite is from Topshop and its their cream highlight from their Glow range. Now its spring/summer I like to use more sheer, creamy texture to help me achieve a natural and dewy finish. I purchased this as I have heard SO much about it and its a really lovely highlight. I just dab this onto the highs of my cheeks its nice and blend-able and isn't super glittery at all in fact its very sheer and gives a natural finish. 

Bourjois Cream Blush in 03 Rose Tender, sticking with the whole creamy feel, I've been reaching for my Bourjois Cream Blush a lot lately, first of all sorry for the poor packaging, you can tell this product is well loved! I managed to find the shade of this one which is Rose Tender and its like a dusky pink shade and its just a lovely summertime blush. This is a  really easy to use blusher, I tend to dab this onto my cheeks then use my MAC 187 brush to blend it in. Its nice and creamy and transfers nicely onto the skin. 

Nivea Lip Butters, these are the products I have been enjoying most of all this month. These butters are fantastic, very rich, very creamy and works well to nourish and moisturise my lips. I picked up the Raspberry Rose one first, which smells and tastes amazing, I kept that at work to apply throughout the day, then realised I really missed it come the evenings, so I also purchased the Vanilla and Macadamia one for at home.   

Alberto Balsam Shampoo& Conditioner,
next is a shampoo & conditioner duo, these are from Alberto Balsam and I have to say  these products are my guilty pleasures! First of all, these are really strongly scented and fill my shower room with their fragrance, which may I add sticks around in my hair for days! I picked up the blueberry pair which contains anti- oxidants and the coconut ones which pamper and nourish hair. Whenever I use these they just make my hair feel and smell great and best thing about these is that you can pick these up from the 99p store! BARGAIN! I usually tend to stock up on these whenever I'm running low and have a basket full of different ones in my bathroom- really worth doing as they are so cheap and such a great product! 
Avon- Tahitan Holiday Hair Mist, this product was actually given to me by my mum and I'm really glad I discovered it because its one of those products that I wouldn't necessarily go out and purchase if I saw it in the shops, however having tried this I can say I would defiantly re-purchase.This is basically a fine mist that you can spritz through your hair and its scented and a heat protector as well. The fragrance is lovely, very uplifting but at the same time quite subtle which I think is nice especially if you like to wear perfume and don't want to be overloaded with smells! Its got a slight coconut/tropical aroma running through it but the best way I can describe it is that its just smells like holiday?! Does that make sense to any of you?! 

Bath & Body: 
Imperial Leather Foam Burst Luxurious Body Washes,
I'm sure lots of you know about these body washes, they have always been a favourite of mine and a lot of fun as well. Bath times will never be the same until you've tried these. If you haven't then basically they are a super foamy body wash that comes out at first as a clear gel and froths up A LOT! You can get around 40 washes out of one of these and I grabbed them recently from Boots where they were on offer ( 2 for £4) and stocked up my supplies. I love that they come in original scents I got the sweet vanilla and cherry blossom and spicy ginger and orange. 
The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, as you know I can't seem to go through a favourites post without mentioning a Body Shop product! I am in love with that shop lately and I'm never disappointed by anything I buy from there including this cleansing oil. Last month my bloglovin' feed was inundated with posts about this so I had to go out and see what all the fuss was about. I personally love using oils and balms I find them very luxurious and my skin really feels the benefits from them, I know some people are quite scarred of them in case they break out but this particular one is very gentle and uses natural ingredients hence the camomile. In terms of how it performs, its not at all greasy and breaks up make up and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.  

Non- Beauty:
Peppermint Tea-
over the last couple of months I've been getting back into Peppermint Tea. I started drinking it to begin with to help settle my tummy but now a days I have a cuppa just before bed, its really calming and helps me settle down and relax before bed! 
Coconut Oil, and last but not least Coconut Oil! Now I know there has been crazy hype around this product in the last couple of month, everyone has seemed to be getting very excited about the wonder oil (including myself!) but I will save you all another blogpost listing all of the benefits as I'm sure like me, you have read them time and time again. So it put it briefly, this is literally the most multi-purpose product I have in my house! I use this for EVERYTHING- from moisturising, to cooking to cleansing to even oil-pulling ( yep I've been brave enough to give this a whirl) and without a shadow of a doubt I would be completely lost without this stuff in my life now! 
Let me know what your favourites have been this month!
Thanks for reading-xx

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  1. I have that starry eyed rimmel lipstick! I love it! It totally fits in the with the 90's grunge style at the moment! x

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