Monday, 23 June 2014

#100happydays- (part 3)

Hey guys!
Long time- no posts! So sorry for being so rubbish lately, unfortunately I have just been so busy recently and have been slacking on the ol' blog post front and haven't found the time to plan and create any new material, the same old excuses I know! However I've had some good ideas which I'll hopefully put to computer in the next week or two and now that summer  is  here expect lots of summer-inspired posts on the way!
Although the blog posts have dried up in the last couple of weeks, I've still been snapping away over on Instagram and getting more involved than ever with my #100happydays project! If you haven't already seen my 1-40 days of happiness then Ill pop a link here and here to catch up. And now here are another twenty pics of things that have made me smile! Enjoy!

Day 41- as the hot weather starts to make an appearance, so do the fruity ciders, if you're anything like me and choose a fruity bevvy over anything else then this new discovery will really take your fancy- its called Rekorderlig and its passion fruit flavour! I'm not much of a drinker and I haven't really seen this much in the shops but its so refreshing and tasty and also perfect for slurping in the sun!
Day 42- don't you just love it when your order arrives through the post?! I ordered a few spring-summer bits off to get me in the mood for the hotter weather and waited by the front door pretty much everyday until it came! It felt as if Christmas had came early when they arrived!
Day43- ok ok, you can probably tell that these snaps were taken at the start of the month and pay day treats all round! A cheeky dive into the New Look sales saw me pick up lots of pretty patterns for summer. Click here to see what I bought! 
Day 44- just a casual one of Michael looking for the "good ones" in a bag of Harribo.

Day 45- this one was taken on the night of Eurovision and after a few glasses of wine- what?! I needed something to get me through that show!
Day 46- my squidgy cat!
Day 47- taking advantage of the lovely weather that we saw for all of 2 days, we decided to head down to the park by where we live and set up camp there for the afternoon, a handful of magazines, Game of Thrones book and fruit smoothies accompanied us until the weather turned colder!
Day 48- after watching Essie Button on youtube, I decided to create my own mint & cherry tea.

Day 49- as the hot weather continued, I thought this little bear would describe what I was up to best!
Day 50- these are the cutest little teacup-cupcakes ever! My very talented friend made this for me! This made my day and tasted as good as they looked!
Day 51- I was re-united with an old and very good friend, we caught up over a few drinks after not seeing each other for nearly two years!
Day 52- you guys know how much I enjoy my wrestling, this snap was taken at a wrestling match near where I live, it was really great to see up and coming talent surrounded by such a great atmosphere.

 Day 53- sometimes on my down-days I like to make handmade soaps, these are a few that I made whilst creating my step by step guide that I done for my Homemade May Series- which you can see here! 
Day 54- I bet you were waiting for a food pic as there are always so many, this is  my creamy salmon pasta dish! I've done a blogpost of the recipe.
Day 55- I regret not taking more photos of this night, but this was when Mike and I attended a 1920's birthday party, it was a really great night and I even braved a dark lip for the occasion!
Day 56- a 100 happy days post wouldn't be complete without a few Soap&Glory goodies! I picked up the new Orangeasm body wash and moisturiser as its just the perfect zesty summer scent along with the Daily Soothe bath float- I just couldn't resist!

Day 57- the result of the monthly shop... Its a big relief to get this out of the way! Unfortunately it doesn't last long in my house hold- and its only me and Mike!
Day 58- my Dad is actually away in Dubai for fathers day this year, so I thought I'd treat him early and take him out for a bite to eat and to watch the new Godzilla movie in 3D, this was really nice as its usually rare that me and him spend some time just us two.
Day 59- why wouldn't Yankee Candles make anyone happy?
Day 60- anyone one of me and Michael, sporting the Raybans in the sun!

Keep tuned for another twenty pics which will lead me nicely into day 80! I've really enjoyed finding little things in my day that has made me happy and document it, let me know if anything has made you happy recently, thanks for reading -xx

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