Saturday, 26 April 2014

First Impressions: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Today I'm focussing on the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation,which I purchased about a week ago now and wanted to share with you my thoughts...
The Product- This  foundation from Giorgio Armani has been at the top of my mental wish list for quite some time. To me, this foundation claims to have all the elements I would personally look for in a make up base, it claims to be of a silky smooth lightweight texture with a seamless natural finish- which defiantly ticks all my boxes. The foundation contains no SPF, which is great to wear on a night out to avoid any flash back, and is packaged in a very sophisticated glass bottle with a pump- always a plus! I believe this high end foundation retails for around £34.50,with a very impressive shade range.
So with all that being said lets weigh up the pro's + con's.

  • It has a lightweight formula, which does blend seamlessly into the skin- I personally found it best to apply using a buffing brush for the most effective results.
  • It does what it says on the bottle and give a silky-smooth finish- airbrushing any blemishes or uneven skin tone along the way. 
  • Does give a really pretty luminous glow, which doesn't appear greasy or look unflattering 
  • It comes with pump, which I much prefer and considering the price you would expect it to.
  • Large shade range which is very accurate, I would say my shade (4) is perfect.
  • I can see this product being suitable for all skin types. 

  • Availability- Giorgio Armani is tricky to track down and with any high end foundations its always worth getting colour tested before you purchase in store. 
  • Its medium coverage- which may not be for everyone and possibly slightly deceiving considering it claims to be a light weight foundation.
  • I wasn't too impressed with the lasting power of the foundation, I found that after 1-2 hours (considering what I was doing) I did need to touch up, so it may be worth applying a primer beforehand or using a powder to set the product in place.  
  • Price- for 30ml at £34.50 a pop... Ouch!  

Verdict- Its funny, the very first time I applied this I sat back and waited for something almost magical to happen, for my skin to just transform- it didn't, but what it did do was almost improved each time I applied it. The results tend to look better than the last and I have grown to really love it. I think when a product is hyped up soooo much and claims to be gods actual gift you do naturally expect something out of this world, even if its staring at you right in the face. This foundation does tick all my boxes and is a joy to apply, it does create a silky smooth thin layer but performs to a medium coverage, my only worry is the lasting power but I supose there have to be something to moan about!

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