Thursday, 24 April 2014

Charles Worthington- Volume & Bounce Range

Today I have decided to talk about something which I have forever longed for  (no, not Johnny Depp) but bouncy, thick and full looking hair- I'm really not asking for much am I? But the lengths I go to get this look you really would think I was looking Mr. Depp.
Now my hair is rather thin but I have a LOT of it which makes it do that annoying limp- lost the will to live type look, that I can only restore by furiously back combing the heck out of it, that to my hair dressers dismay really isn't doing me any favours, you know the symptoms of the back combing virus- split ends, weakness, brittle and just general bad conditioned hair. So with this diagnosis I headed to Boots to see if they could offer me an alternatives to the comb and that's when I stumbled across the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Range- a collection of hair products which I have heard a lot about ( especially the texturising spray- you know the one, the apparent Oribe dupe.) With the 3 for 2 offer on (bloody love that offer) I went to town and picked up the shampoo and conditioner plus two other styling products...
Just a quick note, Charles Worthington is the official hair stylists for The EE British Academy Awards for the past SIX YEARS! With that being said I instantly had high hopes!
Shampoo & Conditioner

First of all smells very sweet- like parma violets which is obviously a good thing, and this scent runs consistent throughout the whole range and is incredibly long lasting.The duo both contains collagen and intends to give a  fuller look and abundant body to the roots. I enjoyed the shampoo, it foamed up a treat and paired with the conditioner didn't leave my hair dry or tanglely which is usually the result after I use volumising shampoo & conditioners. In fact these left my hair feeling soft, clean and light and bouncy, with some added grit to be the perfect base for styling.
Thick & Full 3D Boosting Crème

This product was the less impressive out of the bunch, the formula of the crème was fine, felt very light on the hair, wasn't greasy, but it just didn't seem to live up to the "3D" root boosting claims. I applied it roughly to my roots and ran the product through the length whilst still slightly damp. When I finished blow-drying, cant really say that it shows any impact at all. 
Texturising Spray

And finally on to the product I was most excited about trying out, the texturising spray. I am very faithful to my beloved Batiste dry shampoo- (we bonded during many Reading Festivals) having said that I am still willing to try out others. I sprayed generously to the roots and massaged it in, it didn't leave any residue and seemed to have slightly more hold than the Batiste spray ( I think it may have hair spray built in) It added body to my hair and didn't dry it out or leave it looking wet. I cant really complain if I'm honest, but again the effects didn't last as long as I would of hoped and within a matter of minutes ( we will say around 10) I grabbed my comb... (slaps wrist!) I think I will enjoy using the remainder of the spray for now but once its used up, back on to my trusty dry shampoo for the thickness I need.
Overall a nice range, a lovely shampoo and conditioner duo, and the spray is something to try but not for me. Back to the back combing for me I think. If you have any great products that you would recommend for added texture and volume into your hair please let me know- maybe I'm just a hard critic to please in this category?!
Thanks for reading-xx  

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